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Stress Free Cake Supports is the only support system I would  trust in our Ultimate Cake Off cake (as seen on TLC). Our cake was over five feet tall, weighed hundreds of pounds, and very narrow in places. I had no concerns about stability using this system. It is the state of the art, fail proof system for stacking cakes. It is incredibly strong and stable, and very quick and easy to use. My number one choice for large stacked and tiered cakes. I would be lost without it! 

Sharon Zambito, SugarEd Productions view cake




I haven’t had a nervous delivery since I started using the Stress Free System. I don’t ever worry about a cake falling. Once that cake is up, it stays up! I take the smallest size disc with me to meetings with Brides. They are impressed when I explain how it works, and it sets me apart from bakeries that don’t use your system. The Stress Free System is the best investment I have ever made in my cake business. I bought peace of mind with it NO worries, no stress, no disasters!

Jeanne Rapacki, Enchanted Cakes


What I love about the Stress Free Cake Supports is that it saves me so much time. I no longer have to carve out time for cutting dowels, ensuring each on is the correct height. With my first use of the supports, I finished my cake an hour before time. In addition, I can now travel with the cakes stacked, saving me time at the set up site.

Tracey Alston, Cakes by Tracey


I adore this product and would not construct a tiered cake without them. They’re easy to adjust, easy to use, and easy to clean.

Rebecca Sutterby, Sugar Creations


The Stress Free Support system had absolutely saved my life! I was always hesitant to try a stacked wedding cake because I had troubles getting the dowels cut to the correct length. I feared that my cakes would be lopsided or fall over. Not anymore! I am able to try new styles without worry.

Donna Ross, cake decorator


The Stress Free Support System has allowed me worry free creative freedom. At an average cost to use that is below $4 per tiered cake, they are the best investment I've made!  One cake we made recently was massive. It was 6-10-14 and 18" tiers, all 5" tall instead of the usual 4",  weighed a ton and two of us moved it to the center of the table already stacked. I wouldn't have trusted any other supports!

Kathy Finholt, Kathy's Kakes, LLC


Recently while delivering a four tier wedding cake we were involved in a wreck. The entire cake slid into the back of the seat in the van, but the cake supports held and only the frosting was damaged. The driver was slowing down for a signal light so was not going real fast, but still damaged the van $700 plus.

We were able to return to the shop and redo the cake and still get back in time for the reception. Thanks for your wonderful supports, it saved not only our day but the brides day.

Gayle Rynders, Carousel Cakes


i just purchased a set of your supports. I will never again make a stacked cake without your system. i only used your supports on the lower tiers as the top was a dummy cake and i thought i could get away with dowels inserted into the cake below. BOY was i wrong. During the event the cake kept sinking in the back. the dowels dont support even a dummy cake evenly.. your supports were amazing i was just hitting myself that i didnt do the entire cake in them. now i need to buy more!!!

Jennifer Lehrfield, jennlehr@gmail.com

 Testimonial by Jennifer L