How Do Stress Free Cake Supports Work?

It's oh, so easy! Simply follow the steps outline below and you'll be on your way to creating beautifully stacked cakes without the hassle and worry of traditional methods!

Select the appropriate stanless steel discs— each should be at least 2 inches smaller than the tier it supports. Choose Delrin® legs that are slightly shorter than the tiers.


Step 1Invert and center the Stress-Free disc support over the iced first tier. Lower the disc onto the surface of the icing and apply gentle pressure to mark its position. Set the disc aside while you measure the tier’s height.


Step 4Insert the assembled Stress-Free disc support into the tier. Stress-Free supports make only four holes in each tier, while providing strong and stable support for your design.
Step 2Insert a straw or ruler into the tier to determine the correct leg length. Step 5A bead of icing piped over the Stress-Free disc support helps hold the next tier in place. Spacers, such as columns or fountains, can be substituted for a cake tier in a stacked design.
Step 3Thread the legs onto the Stress-Free support’s stainless steel bolt. Adjust each leg to the exact height required by simply turning the leg. Step 6Longer legs can also be used to create a small gap for inserting flowers or other decorations between tiers. Finish decorating your cake as desired.