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Why should you purchase Stress Free Cake Supports?  First of all, the ingenious design of Stress Free Cake Supports provides an amazing level of stability and strength for your stacked cakes. The disc supports are so easy to use, you will never want to cut another dowel.

We offer our supports in a wide variety of sizes.  We have Starter Sets, Large Sets, and Professional Sets, depending on what you require.  No matter what style of cake you're making, there's a Stress Free Cake Support that will fit your needs.

Cake TippingFrequently Asked Questions;

How do I use Stress Free Cake Supports?

Step 1 Step 1) Invert and center the Stress-Free disc support over the iced first tier. Lower the disc onto the surface of the icing and apply gentle pressure to mark its position. Set the disc aside while you measure the tier’s height. Read More...


 Watch a video on how to use the Stress Free Cake Supports

Do I need to get all new plates?

No, you can use them with any flat plate that you may already own.

How do I keep the plated cake from sliding on the disc?

A piece of thin non skid matting can be cut to fit the top of the discs.

How do I determine what size of legs to order?

For stacked cakes, 3” legs will work best for tier heights of 3 to 3 ¾”.

3 ½” legs will work best for tier heights from 3 ½ to 4 ¼”.

4” legs will work best for tier heights from 4 to 4 ¾”.

4 ½” legs will work best for tier heights from 4 ½ to 5 ¼”.

Consider the height of cake you generally produce and whether you want the next layer to be slightly imbedded in the previous layer or sitting above the layer. If you generally bake two 2-inch layer cakes, your finished product is about a 4-inch cake. If it is slightly shorter than 4 inches, and you use a 4 inch leg, your second layer of cake will sit slightly above the icing. If you want the second layer to be “nestled in” on the lower layer, you would use 3 ½ inch legs and adjust them appropriately. A 3 ½ inch leg can extend to accommodate a 4 ¼ inch cake.

What if my cake design is closely stacked with no borders? 

The support disc will add 1/8” to the height of the legs in an assembled support.  A support assembled with 4” legs will be 4 1/8” tall.  Adjusting the height of your assembled support to the same height as your frosted tier will leave the disc even with the top of your cake, allowing the cakes to sit close enough that a border isn’t needed.

How do I use the supports when I want to place fresh flowers between the tiers?

Measure the height of your flowers and add that amount to the height of your tier to determine the length of legs needed.  Subtract ½” from that height if you want the flowers to fit snug with no gaps showing between flowers.

Place the assembled support in the lower tier. Parchment can be placed on top of the tier to protect your cake from the flower stems. Flowers can be placed before or after the upper tier is placed.

Legs that are 1 ½" to 2” taller than your tier will work with average size roses.  The legs can be adjusted up to ¾” during set up to fit the flowers.

How hard is it to adjust the length of the legs?

It's not hard at all.  Simply turn the leg to get the exact height you need.

Won't this support put tons of holes in my cake?

No.  Stress Free Cake Supports only put four small 3/8" holes in your cake, while still providing the stability and support that you require.

How do I clean Stress Free Cake Supports?

All of our components are dishwasher safe.  Simply unscrew the legs slightly from the base disc and run them through the dishwasher.  Then, with only minor leg height adjustments, the support is ready to put in your next cake.

What if I lose a piece?  Do I have to order a whole new set?

No. Unlike some other cake systems, we allow you to purchase components of the cake support individually as well as in convenient groupings.  You can even order varied length legs, which are available separately.  Also, if losing a piece becomes a problem with returns, we suggest making a list of all items used and charging a deposit sufficient to cover any items that are not returned. The cake supports are rarely disassembled when the cake is served minimizing the loss of the small pieces.

If I order either a part or a full support system, how soon do I get it?

When you order anything from us, we send it out via priority mail. Orders are generally shipped within 24 hours of receiving the completed order, and you should receive them in 2-4 business days.  Express mail and overnight options are available. Please contact us for a quote.

Does anyone else sell the Stress Free Cake Support?

The Stress Free Cake Support can only be purchased through us, since Stress Free, Inc. holds the patent for the Stress Free Cake Support System


It's that easy!  Don't waste your time cutting dowels or trying to precariously balance another cake again.  Stop the stress with Stress Free Cake Supports.